Abruzzo Sweater by We Are Knitter

My name is Katharina and I am a We-Are-Knittersholic.

I haven’t even finished my Sabrina Swearer when I ordered the Abruzzo sweater but they had one of their 20% off sales and I already had the right size needles so for £40 who can resist?

Obviously not me!

After my double dose of bobbles (the Sabrina and the Popcorn Sweater) I wanted something quick and straight forward to knit. The Abruzzo sweater is knitted in stockinette stitch so it came together really quickly. I used the size 5 needles the pattern recommends and knitted slightly looser as I wanted a slightly oversized look. When I compare it to the Sabrina sweater I do actually prefer how the Pima Cotton looks knitted slightly tighter.

The only change I made to the pattern is that I knit the front and back pieces the same length whilst the pattern makes a slightly longer back piece. I like the length of this jumper- at 56cm it’s perfect to wear with leggings and trousers. I had one whole ball of the natural colour left over and half a ball of the salmon so I could probably have achieved the same length with a tighter stitch using just the wool that comes with the kit.

I am still playing with the idea of attaching a neckband as I’m not the biggest fan of boat necks and the neckband would give it a rounder shape. However I am quite greedy with my wool so part of me wants to just keep the leftover balls to stare at 🙈

Instead of knitting the arms separately, I sewed up the shoulders and then picked up the stitches evenly from the front and back sides. I then knit the sleeve pattern backwards, decreasing instead of increasing.

The whole thing took me about two and a half weeks so my speediest knit ever!


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