Vintage Butterick 3017

I bought this pattern online a couple of years ago as I am a huuuge fan of 60s and 70s mini dresses. I’ve also never really understood why little girl dresses nowadays all tend to be calf length. I mean if there is one time in your life where flashing your knickers is absolutely acceptable it’s when you’re a toddler. So when I came across this pattern I had to have it!

Like most vintage patterns it only comes in one size, in this case age 2. As soon as Miss V turned 2 I was desperate to make it. I knew from the finished garment measurements that it would be too big but I did some research online and decided I could grade the pattern down. I sort of did but not enough and to top it all off I used a black ponte Roma fabric which I guess helped as if was a bit more forgiving of the bad pattern modification but just didn’t work and it ended up looking a bit like a big sack!

However, I was determined that this pattern had to work so I put it to a side to make again when Miss V was a bit bigger and I could use the unmodified pattern with a more suitable fabric. Nearly a year later the measurements fit and I decided to have another go. I’ve not done very much sewing this past year as the move has meant my sewing stuff is still in boxes and I don’t really have a space to sew. Also both my sewing machine and my overlocker were in need of a service which I kept putting off due to the cost, so out of action for ages. I finally bit the bullet two weeks ago and took them to get fixed (great idea just before Christmas!πŸ˜’) so I wanted to have a project that focused on sewing rather than fit to get back in the groove. I decided to use a lovely double gauze I bought in Japan – with this pattern in mind and just accept it if it all went wrong. Luckily it didn’t, I was very careful and actually read the instructions and it came out great! It’s still pretty wide but I thing that’s because Miss V is very slender (I’d love to say she got that from me but…) and also because it’s kind of a trapeze shape so maybe I should have used even drapier fabric.

We both love it though and it’s great for twirling and hiding your legs under so it covers all the essentials 😝. It is quite light so not that suitable for winter which makes me want to knit a little waistcoaty thing to wear on top but with all the Christmas present projects I have on the go that should technically wait until January.*

*starts casting on πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜¬


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