Hi, I’m Kat!

Im currently a stay at home mum who loves to make things. I’m not a typically creative type- by that I mean I’m not that person who, at school was always amazing at art, who dressed in a unique and innovative way and made ingenious things that had you wishing “argh I wish I had thought of that!”.

Nope that wasn’t me.

I was more the “oh crap, I need to figure out how to use mum’s sewing machine to stop my trousers scraping through the mud cos I’m so short” kinda gal.

Although sometimes, if I really like you, I’d wrap your presents up nicely and make an origami gift tag.

So I can’t say that all my life I’ve been driven to create and to make because well that wouldn’t be true- I was always a bit too busy with life, or with being lazy.

Then I had my daughter and well, cliché of clichés my whole life changed.


No more work-work, no more going out, no more gym, NO MORE BEING LAZY!

But hey I was making things! I made the beds, I made lunch- and dinner, I’d make a clean house and clean clothes. And milk, I was making lots of milk. I was a veritable whirl of productivity and I was quite content.

However there came a time when my freezer was full of milk all stacked up neatly in zip locked bags, where I suddenly realised I was “making” lots of things a lot of the time but never anything that got definitively “done”. And I needed that because as much as I enjoy being at home and raising my child, it is an infinite job that can be as gratifying as it can be frustrating; as stressful as it can be fun. It is also a job that has me constantly questioning “am I doing it right, am I doing enough, will she turn out ok?”. And that can be overwhelming. And isolating.

I needed something to distract me from these questions a little, something I could do to switch off, for my amusement and my growth. Enter sewing with its lovely mini projects that allow me to feel productive and accomplished and its lovely online community that inspire and encourage.

Nothing has been as useful in my creative journey to date as the experiences documented by fellow bloggers so I want to join in and maybe my experiences, my makes and pattern reviews will inspire others in their sewing or knitting.

Happy Reading!


When I started my blog at the beginning of 2016 I thought it would focus mainly on sewing with a little bit on learning to knit. At this point I could only knit straight scarves and my New Year’s resolution was to move on to making actual items of clothing. It was the first New Year’s resolution I’ve kept and although I still consider myself very much a beginner, I can now make actual garments and read patterns. WOOHOO! Knitting is (as I expected back at the beginning of 2016)so much more compatible with my life at the moment so this blog has naturally evolved into being more knit-centric. This year I hope to shift the scale a bit and have a better balance between knitting and sewing.

And hey, I might even get around to writing down some of those musings on motherhood promised in my tagline now that I’m all about keeping my New Years Resolutions!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello from Paris, I discovered you on instagram thanks to “we are knitters”. I’m a sewing blogger and I would like begining to knit and I found your blog on your instagram profil it is a mean of informations for me. thank you and see you soon.


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