Sabrina Sweater by We Are Knitters

Pretty much the second after I had woven in the last end of my Classic Sweater I decided that I NEEDED another We Are Knitters kit in my life.

I can’t emphasise enough how good I think these kits are for newbie knitters. The fact that you don’t need to worry about what yarn or needles you need to buy is just fantastic (for me at least!). The bank of Instagram photos of others who have made the same garment as you is also an invaluable reference and I found myself constantly checking others’ photos to see if my jumper was a turning out “right. Just one final gush about how great I think here kits are- they come packaged in the most beautiful manner just check out the picture below


(Picture taken from We Are Knitters Website- I was too eager to start to get an unwrapping photo!)

I decided to go for the Sabrina Sweater in light Salmon. The kit is classified as Intermediate but despite this being only my second knit, I felt quite confident after the success of my Classic Sweater and decided to take the plunge.

The reason the Sabrina is an intermediate and the Classic is an easy is really only because of the bobbles that you knit with the Sabrina Sweater. All other skills needed you would have already learnt by knitting the Classic Sweater (knitting, purling, increasing, casting on and off).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I was really worried about knitting the bobbles because I discovered I knit differently from most of the bloggers and v-loggers that I look to for knitting help. After some research I discovered that my style of knitting is called Eastern Uncrossed Knitting which would make sense as it was my Romanian Aunty who taught me how to knit. I couldn’t find a tutorial that showed me how to knit bobbles in my knitting style so I had to adapt the English and Continental styles to make it work. At the beginning  I was paranoid that I was doing it wrong but comparing the finished version to others that I’ve seen, I think they are actually fine.

This brings me to the only “negative” of the project – the bobbles means the jumper takes forever to knit. I know, I know I’m a beginner and knit slowly but it took me double as long to knit the Sabrina as it did to knit the Classic Sweater- and I even re-knitted a part of the Classic!!

In terms of fit, the Sabrina is a boxy, almost cropped jumper, off the shoulder jumper. I added fifteen rows to the length as I wanted to knit this Jumper quite tightly. I’d seen some online that were knitted quite loosely and they seemed a bit too hole-y for my liking. This meant that my finished jumper measured around 54cm rather than the 49cm the pattern specifies. After blocking it did actually shrink down to 50cm so it hits me square on the hip bones (I’m 1.53cm). I had a ball of wool left at the end and I wish I’d added a few cm more to make it a bit longer. It looks good with shorts or short skirts but as Autumn approaches I would lik to wear it with leggings but it feels just slightly to short to do this.


Overall though I’m really pleased at how it turned out. I love the WAK cotton wool it is so soft and cool and unlike the Petite Wool there’s been zero bobbling. The light salmon colour is also divine and goes with just about anything!

I’m sure I’ll eventually make another longer version 😝. If you’re a beginner who’s unsure if this a suitable project for you I say go for it! You’ll learn a new skill and have an absolutely lovely jumper to show for it!



8 thoughts on “Sabrina Sweater by We Are Knitters

  1. Hey there! Am I understanding you correctly that you went for the size XL pattern? I’m just about to start with this knit, but trying to figure out what size would be good for me. I’m also similar height but normally get sizes S/M for store bought clothing. Thanks for any feedback you might give 🙂


    1. Hey, there was only one size when I got the pattern so I wouldn’t be able to say. Are there finished garment measurements on your instructions? If so maybe compare those to a jumper you like and choose the size that way 😃


      1. Ooh I see, that makes the “choice” easier 🙂 There are measures indeed, but slightly difficult to judge on the numbers and the photos I find. I’ll just wing it and make the best of it! 🙂 Hope it turns out as nicely as yours


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